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Our leadership is unique


Adam Management Holdings is led and advised by a globally recognised team of exceptionally experienced professionals spanning a diverse range of sectors with an unparalleled record of creating value and transforming businesses.
In leveraging their experience, the leadership of Adam Management Holdings work hand-in-hand with its partners and clients to design and deliver comprehensive solutions tailored that unlocks opportunity in any business challenge.

Managing Director : Safwan Adam

Safwan Adam is known for his strong analytical skills and ability to identify emerging market trends, Safwan has consistently led his teams to success through innovative solutions and effective management strategies. His unwavering commitment to excellence, coupled with his dedication to fostering a productive work culture, has earned him a reputation as a respected leader and mentor within the business community. Safwan’s passion for driving positive change and his innate ability to inspire others make him a valuable asset to every organisation he’s a part of.
Safwan is a seasoned executive with many years of experience in business leadership. Throughout his career, he has demonstrated exceptional strategic vision and a proven track record of driving growth and profitability in diverse industries. Safwan believes in a strong work ethic amongst his staff and maintains a good relationship with them. ‘Success is a team sport’ is one of his strongest beliefs as is his principle that business is an ever-changing environment in which there are always new learning opportunities.

Advisory Panel

At AMH, our esteemed team of seasoned advisors boasts extensive expertise spanning diverse domains, including finance, technology, human resources, and marketing. Leveraging their wealth of experience and specialised knowledge, our advisors work hand in hand with our consultants to deliver comprehensive solutions tailored specifically to address the unique challenges and objectives of your organisation.

With a deep understanding of industry trends and best practices, its advisors bring a depth of insight that enriches every facet of our consultancy projects. Whether it involves providing strategic guidance to navigate complex business landscapes, conducting in-depth analysis to uncover opportunities for growth, or offering specialised insights to optimize operational efficiency, our advisors play an integral role in ensuring the success and efficacy of our consultancy projects.

Nick Ashmore

Director of Ireland Strategic Investment Fund. Former Chief Executive of the Strategic Banking Corporation of Ireland. Extensive experience in managing national pension funds.

Lord Ken Macdonald KC

Former Director of Public Prosecutions. One of the country’s leading criminal, regulatory, and international lawyers with a first-rank advisory, trial, appellate, and arbitration practice. Knighted for services to the law and appointed to the House of Lords.